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[SOLVED] Can’t Connect to Exchange Please Try Later

The strategies in this post help you to solve the can’t connect to Exchange. Please try later error.

Can't  connect to Exchange Please try later

With reading, looks to be a DNS issue that the Auto-discovery is not working correctly (my guess). Workaround offered is to set up the DNS by hand. Once I did, my meetings appeared on Skype.

Here is what steps I did for setting up manually on the Android. The same steps worked for my iPhone.

  • Go into Settings -> Exchange and HTTP Proxy are the 2 items that need to be updated.
Exchange credentials
  • Open “Exchange
  • Turn off the “Auto-Detect Server
  • Type in as the Exchange Web Services
Skype for Business
  • Open HTTP Proxy. Fill in the Domain information (techieberry) and the UPN as users name and LAN Password. Exit out of settings to the main screen.
Skype for Business - Can't  connect
  • Wait a few minutes for the “Sign into your exchange account” message to appear.
Skype for Business - Can't  connect
  • Click on the message. Type in your SMTP for both your User name and Email address. 
  • Type in your LAN password. Select OK.
  • And now my meetings appear.
Skype for Business - Can't  connect

Now you know how to solve can’t connect to exchange. Please try later error in Android and iPhone.

I would encourage you to perform the autodiscover test if the above steps fail.

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Did I Miss Anything? Maybe you have a question about something that I covered.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you. So go ahead and leave a comment below.

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