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[SOLVED] How To Block a Number In Skype For Business

Today I’m going to show you how to block a number in Skype for Business. Unfortunately, there’s not a one-click way how to block a number in Skype for Business and I don’t think Microsoft has worked out this just yet.

However, we do have a workaround to block a certain number not to ring your phone number mapped to Skype. Here are the steps which should help how to block a number in Skype for Business.

Step 1

  • Go to Outlook – Contacts
  • Create a new contact called “Blocked Contact
  • At “E-mail” enter in a dummy email address eg
  • Note: You need to enter in an email address otherwise Skype for Business will not be able to see the contact.
  • At “Phone numbers” enter in the phone number you wish to block.
How to block a number in Skype for Business
  • Note: Ensure to include the country code. For Example, +1987654321
  • Save the contact.
How to block a number in Skype for Business

Step 2

  • Go to “Skype for Business
  • Search then add “Blocked Contact” into your contact list
  • Right-click on “Blocked Contact” then select “Change Privacy Relationship” and select “Blocked Contacts


  • If the blocked contact dials your number it will still ring then divert to voicemail.
  • You will not receive a pop up on your screen indicating a call is coming through.
  • Though you will still receive an email indicating a missed call and/or a voicemail.

For more information, check Microsoft website.

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