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How To Reset Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing PIN (2023)

Are you looking to reset your Microsoft 365 audio conferencing PIN? You’re in the right spot.

Audio conferencing setup is necessary only for those intending to organize or lead meetings. Participants joining via phone do not require assigned licenses or additional configuration.

After participants join a meeting, they can initiate outbound calls and bring in additional callers to a Teams meeting.

It can be frustrating for individuals dialing into a meeting to remain in the lobby, listening to music, simply because the Microsoft Teams meeting organizer hasn’t commenced the session.

If a meeting organizer dials into the meeting, a PIN is automatically required to initiate the session. However, you have the option to configure it so that anyone dialing into a meeting isn’t prompted for a PIN to start the session. This setting can be enabled or disabled for a specific user through the admin center.

The meeting organizer doesn’t need a PIN if someone initiates the meeting from the Microsoft Teams app. The PIN is solely necessary when a meeting organizer joins via phone. The PIN is provided to the audio user upon assigning the audio conferencing license and enabling audio conferencing.

Reset Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing PIN

To reset the Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing PIN, a unique numeric code is generated for each Microsoft Teams user with audio conferencing enabled. Meeting organizers use these PINs to confirm their identity and start a phone-initiated meeting. If the meeting is started via the Microsoft Teams app, a PIN is not required. Users who forget their PIN can have it reset by an administrator or do it themselves.

Meetings can commence when an authenticated user joins through the Microsoft Teams app or when the organizer uses their PIN over the phone. If a PIN is necessary to initiate the meeting, phone participants will be placed in the lobby, listening to music until admitted by the organizer. If the organizer doesn’t require a PIN to start the meeting over the phone, participants won’t be prompted for a PIN upon joining.

If you find yourself needing to reset your Microsoft 365 audio conferencing, there are three simple methods to get it done:

Option 1: Enable users to reset their own PINs

microsoft 365 audio conferencing pin
  • Your screen will display the newly generated PIN.

Note: A PIN reset email won’t be sent to the user if using this method.

Option 2: Microsoft Teams admin center

office 365 audio conferencing pin
  • Search for the affected user.
  • Double-click on the user to access their properties.
  • Navigate to Account > Audio Conferencing.
  • Next to their PIN, click on “Reset PIN.”
  • Confirm the action by clicking “Reset.”
  • A new PIN will be generated and promptly displayed on your screen.
  • Additionally, an email containing the updated PIN will be sent to the user.

Option 3: Microsoft Teams PowerShell

  • Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Teams PowerShell for this task. Use the Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser cmdlet to modify user properties.

Set-CsOnlineDialInConferencingUser -Identity “Username” –ResetLeaderPIN -SendEmail -SendEmailToAddress “Username

microsoft 365 teams
  • The new PIN will be visible on the screen, and a confirmation email will be dispatched to the user.

What additional information is important about PINs?

For security reasons, administrators can view the PIN only once, at the time of its reset. Following an administrator-initiated reset, the PIN will be displayed as *****.

By default, automated emails containing the PIN are sent to users upon enabling them for audio conferencing or when the PIN is reset. However, if automatic email sending is disabled, a PIN reset email won’t be sent, necessitating manual transmission of the PIN details to the user.

During the initiation of a meeting, the organizer must admit all PSTN users waiting in the lobby to join. For instance, if two PSTN participants attempt to join before the meeting starts, they will be placed in the lobby, listening to hold music. When the organizer joins via phone using their PIN, the meeting begins, and the organizer can use an in-meeting command (press *21) to admit all PSTN users in the lobby.

The default configuration prohibits the initiation of a meeting by anonymous callers.

Upon enabling a user for audio conferencing, default emails containing conferencing information and their PIN are sent. A Microsoft 365 mailbox is required for the user because, upon PIN reset, a new PIN is sent via email to their primary SMTP address (alias).

When configuring audio conferencing, you determine the required digits for PINs in your organization. PINs can range from 4 to 12 digits, with the default being 5. Changing the PIN length setting only applies to newly generated PINs and doesn’t impact the PIN setting for existing users with audio conferencing enabled.

If you prefer to set the length of the PIN for audio conferencing meetings, check out the Microsoft article.

Emails are, by default, directed to the Microsoft 365 primary SMTP address. Sending emails to non-Microsoft 365 addresses, such as Hotmail or MSN email, is possible. You can override the default email address using Windows PowerShell, especially if users lack an Exchange mailbox in Microsoft 365.

Congratulations! you have learned how to reset Microsoft 365 audio conferencing PIN.

Want to improve the Microsoft Teams experience for increased productivity? Explore the tips and tricks outlined here.

Which of these options are you planning to try first? Have any questions about the process? Please leave a comment below; I’d love to hear from you.

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