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The Powerful Guide To Microsoft Teams Exploratory

Here is the powerful guide you should know about Microsoft teams exploratory.

Before I get started, here are a couple of things you can do:

  • We have written the tutorial for Microsoft teams basics which is really interesting to learn.
  • We have also written posts to improve your Microsoft Teams experience for better productivity. Check out the tips and tricks mentioned here.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Microsoft Teams exploratory?

  • The Microsoft Teams Exploratory experience lets users in your organization who have Azure Active Directory (AAD) and are not licensed for Teams initiate an exploratory experience of Teams.
  • Admins can switch this feature on or off for users in their organization.

Microsoft Teams exploratory trial

  • The Microsoft groups Exploratory license is a longer-term trial until January 2021 that you can achieve inside your workplace 365 tenants, and presents capability similar to a workplace 365 E3 license.
  • It is designed to allow a user to self-assign Microsoft teams licenses if they no longer have one or to allow you as an administrator to assign a longer-term teams trial license to customers in case you do not have teams licenses (Microsoft 365/workplace 365 licenses) to be had to supply.
  • It is useful if you want to furnish a set of teams licenses to customers however you only have a plan with Exchange on-line Plan 1 for the users or in case you need to offer a teams trial license to other users to your enterprise who did not have workplace 365 license available, along with first-line workers.
  • You may also use this to transform an Microsoft 365 E3 trial tenant to offer more licenses (as much as 100 at the time of writing) for an extended duration. However, in case you are searching at an extended-term trial most effective tenant for your office, do not forget Microsoft’s offer for a 6-month office 365 E1 trial charities and training customers.

Microsoft Teams exploratory license

Let’s allow the Microsoft Teams exploratory license in a tenant and permit it for extra users. To do this,

  • Go to “Microsoft 365 admin center
  • On the left, select “Settings” and click “Org settings
  • Select “Services
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “User owned Apps and Services
  • Enable “Let users start on behalf of your organization” then click Save.
  • Wait for a few hours to replicate the changes.
  • Create a new user on your Microsoft 365 tenant and do not assign a license. This will be a test person which you will cast off when you have activated the licenses.
  • After creating the user. try to sign-to Microsoft Teams as the new user.
  • You should even with no license, successfully sign-in to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams exploratory limitations

  • The unfastened version of Microsoft teams only lets you have up to 300 individuals (users) per organization. Paid plans, meanwhile, up to a doubtlessly limitless amount of contributors, with a business enterprise license.
  • Moving on to document garage, the difference between paid and free is pretty considerable.
  • Free Microsoft teams plans restrict storage to 2GB per user, with 10GB shared garage. Paid plans, meanwhile, bump the storage as much as 1TB according to the consumer.
  • Below the table has the complete limitation that you can look.
FeatureTeams FreeTeams Paid
Storage1GB per user and 10GB of shared storage1TB per user
Maximum users300 per organizationUnlimited with an enterprise license
chat messages and search in TeamsAvailableAvailable
Scheduled meetings, meeting recordings, phone calls, and audio conferencingNot availableAvailable
Background blur on video callsAvailableAvailable
Custom backgroundsAvailableAvailable
1:1 calling, group audio and video calls, channel meetings, screen sharingAvailableAvailable
Online and video conferencing meetings for up to 250 people. Online events for up to 10,000Not availableAvailable
Office 365 integrations and AppsAvailableAvailable

Microsoft Teams exploratory how long

  • According to this article, the customers on the exploratory experience they would want to convert. Any new users after January 2021.
  • Any Microsoft Exploratory experience licenses initiated after so that it will remain available at no additional value until they subsequent anniversary or renewal cycle.
  • In different phrases, they could have the exploratory experience until the cease of the following offer, possibly January 2022 given the experience is currently 365 days.

Microsoft Teams exploratory disable

In case you want to prevent users from starting up any trials in the organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant, then this may be managed by using the below steps.

  • Go to “Microsoft 365 admin center
  • On the left, select “Settings” and click “Org settings
  • Select “Services
  • Scroll to the bottom and select “User owned Apps and Services
  • Ensure that “Let users install trial apps and services” is disabled, then click Save.

Congratulations! Now you know the powerful steps to setup the Microsoft Teams exploratory in Microsoft 365. If you have any questions, please let me know.

I’d like to hear from you:

Which finding from today’s report did you find most interesting? Or maybe you have a question about something that I covered.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you. So go ahead and leave a comment below.

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