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How To Create a Microsoft Teams Poll (2022)

Today, I want to show you on how you can create Microsoft teams poll that your audience can respond to. You can create your poll before or even during the meeting. If you want to have a survey, your audience can respond to the poll before, during or after the meeting. When you launch the poll, all of your attendees will get a notification within the meeting and within the chat, letting them know that there is a poll that they need to respond to.

Create Microsoft teams poll

  • To be able to create a poll on a meeting in Microsoft teams, first head to the calendar tab within Microsoft teams. Next, you need to find the meeting where you want to include a poll. You have to be either the organizer or one of the presenters to be able to create a poll.
  • First, I want to show you on how you can create a poll before the meeting launches. Later on, we will look on how you can create a poll once in meetings already in progress. Up on the top tabs, let’s click on the plus icon.
  • This opens up a dialogue where we can add a new tab to our meeting in Microsoft teams. We want to include a poll and we’re going to use Microsoft forums to do that.
  • If you don’t see it immediately in this set, you can also search for forums right up on the search. I’m going to click into Microsoft Forms. The next screen gives a little bit of an overview of what you can do with Microsoft forums and click on ADD. This opens up yet another screen that tells us what we can do with Microsoft forums and the great thing is we can create a poll both before and during a meeting. This all sounds great. Let’s click on this text that says create new poll.
  • This opens up a dialogue where we can start creating our poll. We could enter the question and all of the different options I mentioned earlier, that I’m running a company poll today with the employees of the Luke Cookie Company.
  • One of the questions that keeps me up at night is what is your favorite cookie company? I mean, if our employees don’t think it’s like having cookie company, I don’t even think we have a chance. I will go ahead and answer the first question in. I have now entered the question and six different options.
  • You could type in up to six different options down below. I have the option to make it a multiple answer questions, but we know there’s only one right answer so there’s no need to turn this on down below.
  • I can share the results automatically after voting. We’re a very transparent company so I’m going to leave that checked so everyone will be able to see the results of this survey down below.
  • There’s the option to keep responses anonymous. If one of our employees votes for another option outside of the Luke Cookie Company, I want to know who it was because we might have to take some disciplinary actions next. Let’s click on Save.
  • This now drops me on the all polls view and I could see all of the different polls that I have created.
  • Now, only organizers and presenters in the meeting can see all of these draft polls. If you’re just an attendee, you won’t be able to see any of these polls until I launch it. Now, this is a company polls so I need at least one more question.
  • To add another question and to put it on queue for the meeting, click on “Create New” for this question. I want to get some feedback from all of the employees about what their favorite slogan is.
  • I’m a firm believer that ideas don’t come from management. It comes from all of the individuals working down in the trenches and talking to customers. I have now entered a few different options for slogans that I came up with and I personally think they’re all pretty good so I will allow multiple answers.
  • I don’t know how you could choose the best one from the down below share results automatically after voting. I’m going to uncheck that because I want to build a little bit of suspense as people vote and all personally share the results. Once everyone’s done voting down below, you can keep the responses anonymous. I’m going to check that and then click on Save.
  • This drops me back on the all polls view and right here I can see all the polls that I have created up at the top. I can see the various settings that I set for these polls. Now, right now, it’s showing the polls in the order that I created them but I want to ask the favorite slogan question first.
  • I can click on this question and I could drag it to the front to shift the order. Now, I want people to start responding to the favorite slogan question before the meeting even begins so I can even launch that right now. If I click on this dropdown list, I can go back and I could edit it. Maybe a few more slogans will come to mind and I want to include it or I could just delete the poll altogether. Right now I’m ready to start getting responses.
  • So by the time we have the meeting, I will have some results to share. Let’s click on launch.
  • Now that I have launched the poll, I see text right up here letting me know that the poll is currently live. As soon as people start voting, I can view results and whenever I want to close off the voting, I can also close the poll.
  • I’m now in one of the users (Nestor) view, he is nice enough to let me borrow his computer for a little bit here, I see a notification in chat from forms and here it’s requesting that Nestor respond to this question so this is a way to drive people to respond to the poll. Now, here, the favorite slogan question. I’m going to select the second one, no cookie for you. Next, I will click on Submit Vote because I have it set not to share the poll results.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-85.png
  • Nestor can only see that there’s been one response so far. Now, Nestor’s in the chat of the meeting and he also has a polls tab on top.
  • This drops me into the polls tab for Nestor and here I see a very similar view to what I get. I see the live poll and I also see the draft poll. Nestor can even go in and launch a poll. I don’t want him to be able to do this as a note.
  • If you’re an organizer or if you’re a presenter, you have the ability to launch a poll. I’m going to go back to my account and I’m going to change the permissions so he can’t launch the poll back. Within my view, I want to modify their permissions so Nestor can’t launch these polls up on the top tabs. Let’s click over on the meeting details and within details. There’s an option for meeting options. Let’s click on this.
  • And right down here, there’s a dropdown for who can present. It’s currently said to everyone, when it’s said to everyone, anyone can go in and view all of the poll questions. They could edit polls, they could delete polls and they could launch polls. I don’t want that all. Click on this dropdown list and I want to set it to specific people. When I click select specific people, this opens up another dropdown and I could start typing in some names.
  • I only want to allow another user (Diego) to have admin control over the polls or select his name. I will click on Save.
  • Now, within Nestor’s view, I can see that he can now only see the currently active poll and he can’t see any of the draft polls. I know he might try to edit some options so I feel a lot better now that these poll questions will be completely accurate.
  • I have now joined the meeting in Microsoft teams and it looks like both Nestor and Diego are already here. On top where I have all of the different meeting controls. There’s a new icon for polls.
  • This opens up a pain over on the right hand side and I could do a few different things with this. At the very top, I can create a new poll and I could just create a poll directly in line without even needing to leave the meeting.
  • Below, I could see all of the polls that I created ahead of time. I see the poll that’s currently active. I could click into view results and down below I see my other draft poll question. When I’m ready to launch, I could simply click on launch.
  • Now I’m going to ask Diego if he can launch it so we could see what the experience looks like for attendees when someone launches a poll. Diego just launched the poll and here you see a prompt appear to all of the attendees of the meeting. They see the question. Now, like I said before, there’s only one correct answer to this question so I will select the Luke Cookie Company and then click on Submit with this question.
  • I set it to share the results immediately so whoever responds to this question can see on how everyone else is voting. I don’t know why I was stressing so much but it looks like one hundred percent of our employees believe the Luke Cookie Company is the best cookie company out of all of these different competitors.
  • Let’s click on Done. I’m just going to go ahead and close this poll so we don’t get any other responses. I just want to make sure we don’t skew these final results.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-96.png
  • Now that we have all of these survey results, I can export the results and this will export an Excel spreadsheet on the Downloads folder. Let’s click on Export.
  • This opens up Microsoft Excel, where I can review all of the responses to the question. And once again, I can confirm that one hundred percent of our employees selected the Luke Cookie Company.
  • We are going to go with these results back within Microsoft teams. I also want to vote for my favorite slogan. Also, let’s no cookie for you and then submit my vote. Now that I voted.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-99.png
  • I can see how everyone voted because the results are not shared. No one else will be able to see this. As soon as we wrap up the meeting, all let everyone know what our new slogan is but we’ve landed on no cookie for you. Once the meeting wraps up, I can go back to the meeting on my calendar and click into polls and see all of the results for the different questions, along with viewing all of the results in Microsoft teams.
  • Another way to get back to the results, you could head to office portal and over on the left hand side, click into Microsoft forms. If you don’t see forums on this list, you can click on all apps and this will open up the app gallery. Next let’s click into Microsoft forms.
  • Microsoft forums powers all of these polls in Microsoft teams and here too I can see all of the quick polls that I created right here on the forum start page. Let’s click into this one on what’s your favorite slogan this opens up the question.
  • I can also review all of the responses here and export it to excel as well because I created this in Microsoft teams I can’t edit it on Microsoft forums and I can only edit it through Microsoft teams.

Alright well that was a quick look on how you can use Microsoft teams poll.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which finding from today’s report did you find most interesting? Or maybe you have a question about something that I covered.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you. So go ahead and leave a comment below.

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