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How To Create Microsoft Teams Shared Calendar (2022)

Today, I want to show you on how you can create Microsoft teams shared calendar. To create a shared calendar, I’m going to use both Microsoft teams and SharePoint.

Now, why would you want to create a shared calendar? Well, maybe you’re a teacher and you want to create a shared calendar so all of your students can see when various assignments are due or they can see when different tests are coming up.
Maybe you work at an office and you want to use a shared calendar to track when everyone’s taking vacation. Or maybe you are a lawyer in a small practice and you want to see what the calendar looks like for the other lawyers across your practice, whatever the reason is.

The good news is it’s very easy to set up a shared calendar. I’m going to show you step by step on how you can do that.

  • I have Microsoft teams desktop app open. You could also access Microsoft teams through the browser.
  • When I create the shared calendar, everyone who has access to this team will also get access to the shared calendar.
  • To see who will get access. What I can do is let’s go over to your teams and here’s a team I set up called the Techieberry Blog.
  • When I click on the ellipses, I can go down to manage team.
Microsoft teams shared calendar
  • Within manage team, if I expand this option here, I could see all the different members of the team. All of these people will gain access to the shared calendar that we’re going to create.

Create Microsoft teams shared calendar

  • Let’s go back to the main team channel. The way we’re going to create a shared calendar is through SharePoint.
  • Now, every single team’s team has a SharePoint site backing it. To get to the SharePoint site, the easiest way to do it is to go up to the tabs and to click on files.
  • Once we click on files, you will see another level or another layer of tabs here. We want to click on this open in SharePoint.
  • What this will do is this will open up the SharePoint site that backs my team in teams.
  • What we want to do is over on the left hand navigation. Let’s go ahead and click on Home.
  • Once we’re on the “Home View“, we’re going to click on the new dropdown list and once this sub menu appears, let’s go all the way to the bottom and click on the one that says app.
  • Within the app view. You will see a whole bunch of different apps you can add to your SharePoint site. The one we’re interested in today is the one that’s called Calendar. Let me click on that.
  • Now I could assign a name to this calendar and gave it the very original name of calendar. I’m going to click on Create.
  • Once I create the calendar, SharePoint drops me in the site contents area. This shows me all of the different site contents associated with this SharePoint site. The one that I just created is the one called calendar. I’m going to click into this.
  • Once I click in, I see my calendar view. Within this view, up here on the top bar, click on events and here I could create various events.
  • I could also click on calendar. Here, I can shift the view whether I want it to be a day view, a week view and have all sorts of different calendar controls.
  • I want to get this shared calendar into Microsoft teams. To do that, it’s very simple. All I need to do is go up to the address bar and then I’m going to copy the address.
  • Once I copy the address, let’s shift back into Microsoft teams. I’m going to click on the tab. We can click on the plus icon, which allows us to add a new tab.
  • It brings up the added tab, what we want to do is click on the option that says website.
  • We just copied the URL and we’re going to paste it into the field.
  • Now we could name it something and for the tab name, maybe I will just call this calendar and here I could indicate whether I want this to post to the channel.
  • Everyone’s aware that I have now added a new tab that seems like a good thing to do so I will leave that checked.
  • Let’s go ahead and click on Save.
  • What you will see is it lets everyone know that there’s a new calendar tab on top. If I click into files, I see my shared files and now if I click in the calendar, I will see a shared calendar for this group. Anyone in this team can now access this calendar.
  • In the example I gave before, let’s say you work for an organization where you want to keep track of your vacations in teams so everyone can see when various people in the team are out.
  • If you are a teacher and you want to create assignments or when tests are coming up on this calendar, you could go ahead and do that. When I hover over a date, you will see there’s an option to add different events to the calendar.

Add the calendar to Outlook

  • Not only can you add the calendar directly here within teams, you could also connect it to Microsoft Outlook.
  • To do that, we’re going to navigate back to SharePoint.
  • Once I click on SharePoint within the calendar, pivot on top of the page. There’s an option here that’s under the connect and export section called Connect to Outlook.
  • If the option is greyed out, follow the steps mentioned in this article.
  • Once Outlook opens, I will see a prompt that asks me whether I want to connect this SharePoint calendar to Outlook. Yes, I do. I’m going to click Allow.
  • Now, click yes on connect this SharePoint calendar to Outlook.
  • What you will see happen now is, the Techieberry Blog calendar in my outlook and here it’s alongside my personal calendar.
  • I’m going to close my personal calendar so the shared calendar will take up the full screen. What I can do now that I’m in Outlook and I have a calendar view up, I could create events within here.
  • Let’s say, I want to create an event tomorrow. Let me go ahead and create this.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-21-1024x465.png
  • I have created an event here on my calendar.
  • Now, when I go back into Microsoft teams, I’m back in the calendar view and could see the events or the appointment that I just added within Outlook, and that shows up on the shared calendar.
  • That was a quick tutorial showing you on how you can create Microsoft teams shared calendar and how you can also connect that shared calendar to Microsoft Outlook, all using SharePoint as the back end for the calendar.

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If you have learnt on how to create shared calendars and add it into Microsoft teams, please leave a comment down below. All right. Well, that’s all I have for you today.

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