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Microsoft Teams Update: The Powerful Guide (2023)

The definitive guide on Microsoft teams update. Before I get started, here are a couple of things you can do:

  • We have written the tutorial to setup breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams to split your meetings.
  • We have also written posts to improve your Microsoft Teams experience for better productivity. Check out the tips and tricks mentioned here.

Let’s dive right in.

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7 Microsoft teams update 2020

Microsoft teams update schedule

  • As a modern online service, the Microsoft Teams client auto-updates every two weeks. Because Teams is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy, it is expected that users remain on the most up to date version of the desktop client.
  • This ensures that users have the latest capabilities, performance enhancements, security, and service reliability.
  • In order to assist in identifying when desktop clients fall out of date, the in-app notification will be displayed if the users current version is between one and three months old and if there is a new version available.
  • This in-app notification will encourage users to update to the latest version of Teams or, if necessary, to reach out to admins to do so. Users on Teams desktop clients that are more than three months old will encounter a blocking page giving the options to update now, reach out to admins or continue to Teams on the web.

microsoft teams update

  • Desktop client versions that are more than three months old upon first install and/or first run of Teams will have a 28-day grace period before encountering the above-mentioned servicing information.
  • During this period, the auto-update process will update the Teams client. If not updated, users will encounter the in-app notification encouraging them to manually update to the latest version of Teams or, if necessary, to reach out to their IT admin to do so.
  • This includes users using the Teams desktop client as part of the Office 365 ProPlus bundle.

How do you force Microsoft teams to update?

Users can also manually download updates by clicking Check for updates on the Profile drop-down menu on the top right of the app. If an update is available, it will be downloaded and silently installed when the computer is idle.

microsoft teams update

Users need to be signed in for updates to be downloaded. Starting July 31, 2019, Teams client updates use significantly lower network bandwidth during the update. This is turned on by default and requires no action from admins or users.

Microsoft teams not updating

There are a few common reasons that the Teams desktop client may not auto-update. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anti-virus software (and other apps) blocking Teams update.
  • Slow or small network pipelines results in a need for manual/controlled updates.
  • User launching Teams desktop client primarily for calls and meetings – updates will not occur during calls and meetings. If users close Teams after calls/meetings, the client is unable to update.
  • Non-standard installation path – requires manual updates (ex: Program Files)

Updates to office 365 ProPlus

Teams is installed by default with new installations of Office 365 ProPlus as described in Deploy Microsoft Teams with Office 365 ProPlus. Teams follows its own update process as outlined above, and not the update process for the other Offices apps, such as Word and Excel. To learn more, read Overview of update channels for Office 365 ProPlus.

Updates to teams on VDI

Teams clients on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) aren’t automatically updated the way that non-VDI Teams clients are. You have to update the VM image by installing a new MSI as described in the instructions to Install Teams on VDI. You must uninstall the current version to update to a newer version.

Can admins deploy updates instead of teams auto-updating

Teams does not give admins the ability to deploy updates through any delivery mechanism.

Microsoft teams update 2020

Microsoft Teams are continuing to grow as the platform for collaboration and we’re happy to introduce new tools that help people do their best. This month we’ve got new workshops, phone calls, apps, talk and partnership, IT admin, and business tools! Check out their latest features below.

Microsoft teams update: Meetings, Calling, & Devices

Transforming the Team Meeting experience to include new features, settings, and devices to create a better experience, enabling you to make the most of your Meetings and achieve more together.

Microsoft teams update: Large gallery view

Around the same time, being able to see all the expressions of your staff members creates a major improvement in interaction and relation. Wide gallery display extends the Teams grid view to 7*7, allowing up to 49 people on one single screen.

Microsoft teams update: Multi-Window for calling and meetings

Multi-window perspectives apply during meetings and calling with Teams. You’ll be able to open up meetings and request in different windows to better maximize their workflow. Such services for PC and Mac consumers may be switched on directly inside Teams.

Microsoft teams update: New experience for launching instant channel meetings

  • Meet Now buttons should have a 
    new location in Teams channels.
  • You’ll soon find them in the 
    channel header where a channel 
    meeting can be easily found and launched.

Microsoft teams update: Breakout Rooms

  • Breakout Rooms allow organizers to divide their Teams meeting participants into small groups to assist with ideas, brainstorming, learning and discussions.
  • Teams promote this by assigning members to a variety of rooms requested whether leading people randomly or inviting them to enter.
  • Organizers will move in between meetings on their own or if asked by a participant, providing updates to the different spaces, and at any point directing everyone back to the group.
  • Any coordination that takes place during the split will be circulated back to the wider team until everyone is back together. Breakout Rooms are provided during this calendar year.

Microsoft teams update: Attendee limit increases

In order to better address constantly evolving coordination and requirements, Microsoft raises to 300 the maximum number of members permitted in a Team meeting. It is available today commonly.

Microsoft teams update: Safe Transfer

  • Now you should be able to securely transfer a call to another person inside your company. Safely ensures that if the intended person refuses to respond to the request it will ring back to the switch.
  • The person that transfers the call must be a user of Teams in the same tenant or a federated tenant, the individual to whom the call is passed must be either a Team or Skype for Business customer.
  • It is generally utilized for reception personnel, supervisors, technicians and everyone else that may be assigned to another person.

Microsoft teams update: New peripherals

  • With the introduction of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC, now approved for Microsoft Teams. Welcome to the Teams peripheral family, Bose.

  • In addition to enabling people to appreciate their meetings without disruptions, Bose’s new over-the-ear headphones often enable them to get a high-quality listening experience while you’re at home, outdoors or at work.
  • With a USB Bluetooth connector and a Teams Button that enables users to start teams to attend meetings or read voice mails, NC700UC Teams certified headphones provide users with secure and fast access to teams. The new Headphones accredited by Bose ‘s teams will be eligible in August 2020. More can be learnt here.

Microsoft teams update: LockUnlock with your PC

Allow synchronized, smooth locking and unlocking from your Teams phone and PC. For more information on how to configure this feature click here.

Microsoft teams update: capabilities on phones

Microsoft announced new apps and enhancements on Microsoft Teams phones this month, like People app, and lift hands to boost compatibility with the mobile interface on the teams.

Microsoft teams update: SBC certified for calling

  • Direct Routing’s success in linking PSTN facilities to Teams has been amazing. Session Border Controllers are the main component.
  • As part of their Direct Routing delivery customers have also called for more qualified SBC (Session Border Controllers) choices.
  • Microsoft is expanding its qualification list with Cisco and Avaya.
  • To learn more about Deployment of Direct Routing and Certified Border Controllers, check Microsoft website.

Microsoft teams update: PSTN participant phone numbers masked

  • Customers allowed to teams meetings with Audio Conferencing, the phone numbers of PSTN members would be obscured to other consumers who have entered from outside the company.
  • This functionality will soon roll out to Windows, web, iOS, and smartphone customers.

Microsoft teams update: Chat & Collaboration

New chat and collaboration capabilities to keep teams connected at all times, no matter where they’re working from.

Teams Mobile Translation

  • Inline transmission of communications means everybody has a voice and promotes regional cooperation.
  • People who speak various languages will interact fluidly with each other by translating posts in channels and chatting with a single button.
  • On-Demand Talk Translation is accessible on mobile and network and will also be enabled on iOS.

Priority Notifications

  • Microsoft Teams gives you the right to deliver updates constantly repeated every two minutes for up to 20 minutes on all communications that are classified as urgent.
  • Priority updates were made accessible to all customers before the second half of 2020 as a promotion.

Microsoft teams update: Pulse survey templates

  • Many businesses are operating remotely through this period and need to gather details from their employee base when preparing for their imminent return to the workplace.
  • Several Microsoft Forms models have been developed for emotion, workplace problems, obstacles, and health condition assessments and more. And such surveys should be distributed across the Teams channels.

Microsoft teams update: What’s New: The admins

The updates to Teams Power Shell would boost IT administrators’ experience with major consistency and reliability enhancements in the modules and ease access to their needed Cmdlets with enhanced clarification on the spectrum of Cmdlets.

Microsoft teams update: Move beta platform

Centralize all deployment systems for Teams inside the same development platform. Moving the PostTestGallery Beta module into the same PSGallery Team Power Shell production module (PSGallery is the standard home for all Power Shell Team Management Cmdlets). The module Unit Beta is marked with the word “Preview.” This enhancement provides a simplified IT administration experience by:

  • Easier access to the appropriate Cmdlets, when the module is put in one specific location.
  • As an example, Manage Private Channels in Teams is a necessary Cmdlets residing in a Teams test module and being placed in the development gallery to be convenient.
  • Faster time for GA-Cmdlets are more discoverable and treated with the complete processes that go into a release of the Public Preview.

Microsoft teams update: Webhooks for adaptive cards

  • The incoming Team webhooks already endorse Adaptive Cards and are accessible in general.
  • Developers should now be able to take advantage of the Adaptive Cards’ rich and scalable capabilities to deliver content from their cloud service via incoming webhooks in Teams.

Microsoft teams update: The US government for teams

The new features for GCC customers are discussed here.

Live captions at Teams meetings

  • This helps members to display live captions at a meeting of the Teams. For this update, the authorized spoken languages are English (EN-US).
  • This is only on mobile for GCC customers and doesn’t involve GCC High and DoD environments yet.

Announce when PSTN participants join/leave

When a PSTN / dial-in participant joins or leaves the meeting, any user who schedules a Teams meeting will now see a new setting on Meeting Options page of a meeting to control the announcement sound. Which should be open to customers of GCC.

Enable organizers to change lobby settings

Any individual who schedules a meeting on Microsoft Teams can now see a different configuration on the meeting options page of a specified organization to monitor the lobby for PSTN members which should be open to customers of GCC.

Shifts in Teams for GCC customers

  • Shifts inside Microsoft Teams would enable GCC customers to change their Firstline Workforce’s schedule management.
  • Shifts in Microsoft Teams followed GCC Requirement Requirements and began a tenant-by-tenant phase out of Office 365 Government GCC.

Microsoft teams update: Education

To promote student involvement and career growth, Microsoft aims to introduce innovative development for teams.

Class Insights

  • Class Insights allows educators to utilize insightful data processing to see and appreciate student involvement.
  • You will display ratings and track activities from the whole class or an particular student in classes, correspondence and assignments. Typically accessible, that should arrive in the fall with a fresh and updated dashboard to guide student outcomes.

Microsoft teams update: Cortana

  • Digital help Cortana from Microsoft will shortly be incorporated with Teams.
  • With the support of this app, users may use Cortana to set up a meeting, submit chat messages, exchange files and more.
  • Apart from these major improvements, the latest update to Microsoft Team also contains functionality such as conversation circles, enhancements to Microsoft Whiteboard, touchless group interactions, and more.
  • The upgrade is expected to be launched in phases with both the Microsoft Teams’ Android and iOS apps and most likely finished in August 2020.

Microsoft teams update: Transcripts and captions

  • Other recent updates heading to video sessions with Teams would be targeted at allowing people to further follow up in sessions and subsequently to have a rundown with meetings.
  • Captioning is possible in teams now, but Microsoft claims it will eventually help to define who the speaker is in the captions.
  • Also, Teams would also include a transcription tool for meetings later this year, Microsoft said. Transcripts of meetings should be stored in the talk tab of the conference, for analysis later.

Microsoft teams update: Together Mode

  • Microsoft is aiming to render video sessions more enjoyable and (potentially) less fatigue-generating with the latest improvements to Teams.
  • The new functionality coming to Teams, Together Mode, can bring members into a common context in a video conference. The aim is to make the participants feel more like they are in the same room together, Microsoft said.
  • The first collaborative backdrop to introduce would be an auditorium while in the future, the organization stated, teams would have additional background environments such as a meeting area, cafe or school.
  • Together Mode, made possible by AI segmentation technologies, is an upgrade as, according to Microsoft, it lets users rely on the body language and other users’ faces. Which makes catching nonverbal clues easier, the company said.
  • While it is unfortunately not appropriate for all meetings, Together Mode would be optimal for meetings “in which several persons can chat, such as brainstorms or roundtable discussions, because it makes it simpler for participants to hear who is talking,”
  • Together Mode with the auditorium background will roll out to users beginning now, with general release in August 2020.

Microsoft teams update: Live reactions and filters

Video filters and live comments are introduced by Microsoft. Such filters may be used to change lighting conditions or camera focus during video calls, while live responses encourage participants to respond through emoji that can be used by anyone during the video call.

Microsoft teams update: Dynamic view

  • Microsoft is now introducing a new interactive perspective for Teams, apart from Together Mode. This is something like a trend.
  • This would allow you to exchange material in the video call with others-convenient for cases where you need to deliver a slide deck but also want to see and communicate with participants.
  • Microsoft said with a new AI-driven feature named Dynamic View, it is also aiming to enhance the traditional video meeting experience.
  • Users can have more influence over other participants with the app and view shared information.
  • For example, you will be able to monitor your view of shared content and if needed, Microsoft said, you will be able to see individual participants side by side.
  • Dynamic View can also dynamically change the perspective to focus video participants on the main portion of the computer and audio participants on the right.

Microsoft teams update: Reflect extension

The extension is a simple way for administrators, representatives and teachers to check in on their colleagues or pupils. Whether it’s a general check-in, a progress report or even details regarding an internal transition, the Reflect Communications extension provides a more active environment for workers. The plugin once activated from GitHub, gives questions in a poll-like style.

Microsoft teams update: Microsoft teams displays

Microsoft’s hardware revealed for Microsoft Teams! The first new apps, called Teams Screens, are coming from Lenovo and Yealink. This will be dedicated equipment for teams that features a touchscreen and integration with Cortana. One of the first to come would be Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Opinion. It is essentially an intelligent show.

Microsoft teams update: Tasks app

  • Introducing innovative tools for online calls, Microsoft says it is now targeting teams’ personal effectiveness.
  • This month, a new feature inside Teams, the tasks feature, is releasing to give consumers a single view of their activities through different applications.
  • The Tasks software will put together Planner, Microsoft To Do and Outlook activities.
  • Also, according to Microsoft, the tasks app will generate smart views such as “assigned to me” and “important” to curate a more organized view of the action objects. The activities software should be accessible on all Windows and iOS devices in Teams.

Microsoft teams update: When are new features and displays coming up for Microsoft Teams?

  • Microsoft is now carrying out Windows Teams with Together Mode. This will be open to all consumers by August 2020, in general.
  • Sometime later this year, the majority of the apps from Microsoft Teams will appear in the device.
  • In the meantime, the first Microsoft Teams Displays with Cortana are expected to arrive by the end of 2020.

Is that all?

  • Microsoft Teams meeting will quickly expand to serve up to 1,000 attendees (and up to 20,000 if people participate in watching).
  • It also introduces live transcripts of teams later this year, as well as the option to convert live captions in another language into subtitles.
  • Suggested responses are also coming to Microsoft Teams. This will be brief and automatic based on the background of previous channel communications.
  • Microsoft will add message bubbles to Teams later this year, and messages received during Group meetings can appear beyond a request for easy visibility of all. Now, connectivity of Cortana is imminently entering the app’s smartphone edition, enabling you to ask Cortana to make a request, attend groups, exchange files and more.

For information on Microsoft teams update releases, check Message Center or go to Help > What’s new in the client.

Did I Miss Anything? Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which update from today’s post are you going to try first or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite teams update.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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