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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Which Is Better For Your Organization (2023)

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom, which is better for your organization? Video collaboration has emerged as the manner of lifestyles submit the lockdown. Whether you have to host a business assembly, an academic or education session or hook up with your customers, video conferencing solutions are in call for anywhere. So, which one are you the usage of Microsoft Teams vs Zoom? Let’s find out which this sort of will serves your collaboration needs.

Many businesses are currently inside the Skype for Business blend, however with the latest assertion for the Skype for business online end of life date it’s causing many organizations to evaluate what their next circulate might be for their conference and collaboration ecosystem.

So how do you make a decision between Microsoft Teams and Zoom? First, We will break down every platform, after which dive in to compare them on as near of a stage gambling subject as we can create.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft teams vs Zoom
  • Teams is a chat-based workspace in Microsoft that makes it easy to have conversations, host meetings, share files collaborate on documents and get work done with teams across the organization.
  • Teams lets you work in a natural, conversational way with everything you need in one place – available anytime on any device.
  • Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that mixes workplace chat, video conferences, file garage (inclusive of collaboration on files), and application integration. The service integrates with the Microsoft 365 subscription office productivity suite and features extensions which can integrate with non-Microsoft products.
  • If you’re interested in learning the basics of Microsoft Teams, click here.

What is Zoom?

  • Zoom is not any regular video communication platform. It’s a cloud-based progressive generation that houses a full spectrum of modern-day conferencing gear.
  • Zoom comes with breakout periods, which you can leverage to cut up your viewers (clients or employees) into smaller corporations for webinar trainings, particular topics or on line elegance discussions.
  • With Zoom, the organizer has the power to fully manipulate the assembly. You could mute all microphones, manage attendees’ presentation access and so on. Also, this tool lets in attendees to contribute to the communication by way of genuinely elevating their hands.

Microsoft Teams Pricing

Microsoft Teams is available as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions and their prices:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Essentials: $5 per person per month with an annual commitment
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: $12.50 per person per month with an annual commitment
  • Microsoft 365 E3 (enterprise): $20 per person per month with an annual commitment

Zoom Pricing

Zoom offers four awesome pricing plans for your business subscription (now not together with a Zoom Room subscription).

  • Zoom Free: This is the great option if you’re testing out Zoom, or in case you work solo or with most effective one or other humans inside the equal area as you and do the brunt of the assembly scheduling and coordinating. With the free version of Zoom, users can hold a vast variety of conferences, however, organization meetings with more than one contributors are capped at forty minutes in duration.
  • Zoom Pro: This is the great alternative if you’re the usage of Zoom with a small group with at least one member operating remotely complete-time or component-time so that you can collaborate correctly, irrespective of in which the assembly is hosted. Zoom pro expenses $14.99/month/assembly host and this tier allows hosts to create non-public meeting IDs for recurring Zoom meetings and lets in assembly recording in the cloud or on customers’ gadgets and caps institution meeting periods at 24 hours.
  • Zoom Business: Zoom enterprise is great-suited to small to medium-sized organizations with multiple teams often scheduling Zoom meetings. This tier costs $19.99/month/meeting host and it gives cool features for corporations to logo their Zoom meetings with vanity URLs and organization branding, dedicated customer support, and transcripts of Zoom meetings recorded within the cloud.
  • Zoom Enterprise: For organizations with 1,000 employees or greater, this tier of Zoom gives unlimited cloud garage for recordings, a dedicated purchaser success supervisor, and discounts on webinars and Zoom Rooms. This tier of Zoom fees $19.ninety nine/month/assembly host.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Features

  • When it comes to features, both products provide some similar offerings. Irrespective of which one you are the usage of, you may chat, audio conference, or video conference. You’ll additionally be capable of present screens, record meetings, and share documents. However, there are some differences in terms of features.
  • First, teams is more of a one-forestall-shop, whereas Zoom is still building on their video-centered origins. In Zoom, video meetings consist of a chat feature, while you could chat outdoor of video calls in teams as nicely.
  • Second, because teams is a Microsoft product, teams fully integrate with different Microsoft era seamlessly. It’s the hub of conversation and collaboration for many corporations, giving them a place to paintings collectively seamlessly.
  • In teams, you can create companies and channels based around departments, initiatives or greater. You have got your calendar right within the app that syncs with your Outlook calendar.
  • Teams is an extra well-rounded collaboration device that consists of video features, while Zoom is a video-focused product.
  • Zoom gives a convenient “boost your hand” characteristic, which enables customers to inform hosts when they have a question or remark without verbally interrupting the assembly. They are small features that can be extremely beneficial on the subject of seeking to connect and work remotely but, Microsoft is already working on similar capabilities, set to release quickly.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Security

  • Safety is an important problem for many organizations. Especially when employees are working from home, organizations want to preserve their facts safe and out of the incorrect hands.
  • Zoom’s privacy coverage has additionally been below the fire. The organization even had to make some changes as the policy firstly allowed Zoom to use individuals’ non-public information for focused advertisements and more. After going through backlash for its security and privacy issues, Zoom has stepped up its protection game. However, many organizations are nonetheless wary.
  • Microsoft Teams has made protection a significant focus. From multi-factor authentication to encrypted data, both in-transit and rest, Teams has superior security aspects that will help businesses breathe easily.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: User Interface

  • The person interface and ride are absolutely the place Zoom excels in the Microsoft Teams vs Zoom debate.
  • Zoom users all rave over its simple interface and the ability to get end-users up and running with little to no education or IT support.
  • Microsoft Teams poses a better assignment as users want to get up to velocity on how to interact in distinctive channels and Teams, incorporate file sharing, and also all of the different Microsoft 365 functions baked into Teams.
  • Although the full set of workstream collaboration functionality constructed into Teams really permits it to provide a broader floor vicinity of utilization and eventualities (and consequently a higher value) than Zoom, this specific price is also in some methods its Achilles heel with respect to onboarding.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Room Systems

  • As components of the Zoom vs teams battleground threaten to become increasingly commoditized, one location of specific differentiation is the “room systems” mounted in a corporation.
  • A room machine can vary from a simple huddle room configuration all of the way as much as a deluxe conference room. While both offer device management, conference enhancements, accomplice stories with mobile, and twin-display rooms aid.
  • Zoom has the introduced gain of human beings counting, and teams has proximity detection. some other difference between Zoom vs Microsoft Teams is that Zoom certifies both integrators and hardware carriers whilst teams most effective certifies the hardware solutions.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Time Limit

No one desires to have the feeling that you haven’t had the risk or time to talk about what’s vital to you. Which device helps you to hang out thru video for so long as you want and not using a time restriction? check it out below:

  • Microsoft Teams: Teams does not have any cut-off time limit
  • Zoom: Zoom has a restriction for people who are using its unfastened plan. Even though you could make a vast amount of calls, every call can only last as long as forty minutes. So in case your meeting lasts much less than 40 minutes and you’re with less than a hundred users, the unfastened model will suffice. If you are the usage of a seasoned account or whatever extra steeply-priced than that, the restriction moves up to a 24-hour period.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Recording Meeting

Recording meetings or any virtual video conference can be very useful. The pictures you record may be utilized in a selection of methods: advertising films, inner shows, for schooling functions etc. Permit’s test this selection and the way the special tools take care of it underneath:

  • Microsoft Teams: In teams, users can also record their teams conferences calls. The recording occurs inside the cloud and is stored to Microsoft Stream. After the conference calls, the users can share it with other colleagues who could not attend the meeting.
  • Zoom: With Zoom you can record your conferences. The recordings are saved in your local laptop simplest.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Dial-ins

At the scheduled time, all your conference users will use their particular PIN codes to liberate the door and enter the room. Normally the host of the meeting will already be on the line, or in our fictitious state of affairs, they’re already sitting on this room as the visitors enter.

  • Microsoft Teams: teams has an audio conferencing characteristic. People can name into teams meetings using a telephone, instead of using the teams app on a cellular device or computer. You will have to assign dial-in telephone numbers for customers who lead meetings.

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  • Zoom: Calling into Zoom through a phone line is simple however pricey. You may just want the neighborhood Zoom phone wide variety and the meeting identification. Note that these numbers may be charged at local quotes to the united states they’re called from. Those dial-in numbers are available primarily based on whether or not the host has subscribed to an audio conferencing plan or now not. If the host desires to get entry to add additional numbers, together with toll-free numbers, they will have to purchase an audio conferencing plan.

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: App Integrations

  • Microsoft Teams: Teams presents 250+ apps and offerings in its paid plans, which include workplace 365 apps. Meaning that in case you regularly access SharePoint, OneNote, or Planner, Microsoft teams is probably the right preference for you. It permits you to integrate apps without delay from the Microsoft groups store or as a quick attachment. you can upload custom tabs for easier get admission to third-celebration apps, which lets you personalize your online workspace.
  • Zoom: Zoom has a bunch of add-ons available to browse thru, too, including the only with workplace 365. Those integrated add-ons expand the possibilities of the platform and assist teammates to turn out to be even greater effective while using it. On the alternative aspect, this device often integrates with different, and one of the examples is its popular integration with Slack.


After all of the evaluation we have got finished, we should admit that the jury remains out to choose a victor on Microsoft Teams vs Zoom conflict especially while the programs are interoperable with each other. We would, but, go out on a limb to say that Microsoft teams has an edge given its robust safety functions and integration with other Microsoft packages.

Want to improve your Microsoft Teams experience for better productivity? Check out the tips and tricks mentioned here.

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