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Overview Of Office 365 Archive Mailbox (2021)

I have been thinking to write an article about the overview of office 365 archive mailbox for a long time and it was going to happen today.

An archive mailbox is a specialized mailbox that appears alongside the employee’s primary mailbox folders in Outlook and Outlook Web App. Like the primary mailbox, the archive can be searched, and deleted items recovered.

Online Archive Features

  • Cloud archive mailbox has unlimited storage and no limitation like a primary mailbox which is cool.
  • Online archive can be easily accessed in via Outlook 2013 and higher and OWA.
  • Emails are easily searchable on archive mailbox and you can access them from anywhere.
  • Emails can be moved to an archive mailbox from a primary mailbox using manual effort and automatic.

How to enable online archive in Microsoft 365

There are a few options to enable the online archive in cloud and they’re listed below.

Using Exchange On-premise

If you’re in a Hybrid environment, you can use on-premise to enable online archive on users mailbox. After the sync is completed, you can see the changes in Microsoft 365.

  • To do this, go to Exchange on-premise powershell
  • Execute the below command.
    Enable-remotemailbox “display name” -Archive
office 365 archive mailbox
  • Wait for changes to replicate in O365
  • Check the status in via Exchange Online PowerShell
online archive office 365

Exchange Admin Center in O365

Yes, you can use the Exchange admin center in Microsoft 365 admin center to enable the online archive on user mailboxes. There is no need to wait for a sync like the previous method.

  • Go to “Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Select “Exchange” from Admin Centers
  • Select “Recipients
  • Select “Mailboxes
  • Search the mailbox
  • On the right, click “Enable” in-place archive
Online archive Office 365

Security and Compliance Center

We have another option to enable the archive in Microsoft 365 which is security and compliance center. Similar to the Exchange Admin Center, this option does not require synchronization.

  • Go to “Microsoft 365 Admin Center
  • Select “Security” from Admin Centers
  • Select “Information governance“ then select “Archive
  • Search the user and click Enable on the right.
inplace archive office 365

How to setup a policy on an archive mailbox to move emails automatically from primary mailbox?

End users can choose a policy for each folder on a primary mailbox to move emails into an archive mailbox. To do this,

  • Access “OWA
  • Right-click a folder
  • Select “Assign Policy
  • Choose a policy that you wish to apply.
exchange online archive

If you’re interested in deleting emails from a specific folder, follow the above steps but use the retention policy that automatically deletes emails.

create online archive office 365

How do I move messages into my cloud archive mailbox in Outlook?

  • You can move items from your primary mailbox to your cloud archive mailbox by a simple drag and drop. This is ideal for moving small amounts of email to your archive mailbox. Using Copy/Paste/Delete to move larger quantities of email.
  • Select multiple messages from your primary mailbox, press CTRL+C to copy them.
  • Open the target folder in your archive mailbox.
  • Click CTRL-V to paste them in the target folder.
  • Go back to your primary mailbox and delete the messages you just copied to your archive mailbox.

How to access an archive mailbox?

This is the question many of you may ask. Here is the answer.

  • Outlook, you will see an additional mailbox called ‘Online Archive – Your Email Address.
  • In Outlook Web Access (OWA) the Online Archive is called ‘In-Place Archive – Your Name’. See images below.


Outlook (version 2013 and higher)

How do I search both my Outlook and my Exchange Online?

You can choose all mailboxes on the search field to search both your primary mailbox and archive mailbox. This will show the results of not only the primary mailbox but also online.

Can I give someone else access to my cloud archive mailbox?

In short, no. If a user needs access to a cloud archive mailbox of another user, full access rights to the user’s mailbox must be granted. The same rights will be granted automatically to the user mailbox.

Congratulations! You have learnt the overview of office 365 archive mailbox.

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