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[SOLVED] On-Premises Mailbox Not Migrated To Exchange Online (2024)

So, picture this: you’re in a hybrid environment, minding your own business, and suddenly a user account throws an error at you, saying this user’s on-premises mailbox not migrated to Exchange Online. Weird, right? Well, fear not—I stumbled upon this issue, fixed it, and thought I’d share my game plan with you.

on-premises mailbox not migrated to Exchange online
  • First off, head over to the trusty “Exchange Server.” Once there, dive into the “Exchange Management Shell.”
  • Now, to work some magic, disable that problematic mailbox with this command:

Disable-RemoteMailbox “Display Name”.

Quick note, though—steer clear of the remove-mailbox command, as it kicks out the AD account linked to the mailbox. Trust me, you’d want to stick with the disable command.

  • Patience is key. Let the changes dance their way into Microsoft 365. Once everything syncs up, your mailbox will gracefully slide into the soft-deleted list.
  • Ready for the next move? Bring the on-premises object back to life using the Enable-Mailbox command (not the remote user mailbox version, mind you):

Enable-Mailbox test248

Just a heads-up, if there’s no AD account in sight, the Enable-mailbox command won’t cut it.

  • Sync complete? Awesome. Now, time for the grand finale—migrate that mailbox from on-premises to Exchange Online and throw in the license while you’re at it. Voila! The error is but a distant memory.
  • For an encore, hit up the mailbox restore request to shuffle contents from the soft-deleted mailbox to the active one.
  • And to catch all those incoming emails, add the email addresses of the soft-deleted mailbox to the active one. Seamless, right?

That’s how you can tackle the on-premises mailbox not migrated to Exchange Online issue.

In case the steps hit a snag, Microsoft’s got your back with detailed instructions on their website.

Looking to spruce up your Exchange Online game? Dive into some tips and tricks I’ve rounded up for you.

Did I cover everything, or is there a burning question on your mind? Drop a comment below—I’m all ears!

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