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Skype For Business End Of Life [2020]

Do you know when is Skype for Business end of life? Many of you aware that Microsoft Teams is a replacement of Skype for Business and Microsoft is going to retire the Skype for Business in the future. Microsoft announced that they’re going to retire Skype for Business on July 31, 2021.

Skype for Business end of life

What is replacing Skype for Business

Microsoft Teams is the primary client for communications in office 365. Microsoft Teams has all features of Skype for Business. Microsoft advised its customers who are in office 365 to start using Microsoft Teams to experience the functionality. Are you interested in learning about Microsoft Teams, Click here.

Skype for Business end of life

Skype for business end of support

  • I recommend using Microsoft Teams as your new collaboration instead of Skype for Business because, after July 31, 2021, no support will be provided by Microsoft for Skype for Business so it’s a good time to switch. To know more, click here.
  • Of course, some organizations prefer to use both Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business for a few months to familiar with the new collaboration and the org-settings mode is the right option for them. If you’re not sure about the org-settings, click here to know the basics of Microsoft Teams.

Now you know Skype for Business end of life.

Want to improve your Microsoft Teams experience for better productivity? Check out the tips and tricks mentioned here.

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