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[Solved] Microsoft Teams Keeps Showing Out of Office (2024)

Are you wondering how to fix the issue of Microsoft Teams keeps showing out of office even when you’re not? You’re in the right place.

I recently returned from holiday and turned off the out of office status, which promptly disappeared from Outlook.

For some reason, I’m still being displayed as out of office in Microsoft Teams.

teams keeps showing out of office

I’ve attempted several troubleshooting steps, but none have been successful:

  1. Syncing Delay: Sometimes, changes in status might take a bit of time to reflect across all platforms due to syncing delays. I gave it some time to see if the issue would resolve itself.
  2. Cache Issue: Cached data might be causing the status to persist incorrectly. I tried clearing caches and restarting Teams.
  3. Integration Issue: I ensured that the out-of-office status is turned off in all relevant platforms, such as Outlook and the web interface, as Teams often pulls status information from these sources.

Finally, my admin checked my Outlook calendar and noticed an invite with an out-of-office status.

After canceling the invite, the Microsoft Teams status returned to normal.

It seems that Microsoft Teams often integrates with the calendar to determine status, so deleting the meeting invite with the out-of-office status resolved the issue of Microsoft Teams keeps showing out of office.

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