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[Quick Fix] Microsoft Teams Meeting Content Disappeared (2022)

Today I’m going to show you the strategy I followed to solve the Microsoft teams meeting content disappeard issue. The issue happened to a specific user in a Hybrid environment. As an example, User A was sending a meeting invite to User B and when user B opens the meeting, there is no meeting details to attend and it’s all blank.

Below the screenshot of a user A seeing:

Here is the screenshot of a user B which had no information.

ms teams app
  • The issue was also occurring in OWA. However, for the other users in an invite, the meeting content is all present.
  • This seems to happening for randomly and reported that it’s only with user A meetings and not with anyone else’s. Sounds like the user A mailbox might be corrupted.
  • Move the user’s mailbox to a different database and see if the issue can be reproduced. I’ve tried and worked fine.

Use the new-moverequest “email address” command to start the database move.

Below the command to check the progress of a database movement

Get-MoveRequest “emailaddress”

microsoft 365 teams

Allow some time depending on the mailbox size and then check how it goes.

Guess what? The Microsoft teams meeting content disappeared is no longer occurs after a mailbox moved to a different database in Microsoft 365.

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