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[Solved] Unable To Cancel Teams Meeting By an Organizer (2024)

I’ve got a problem where I’m unable to cancel teams meeting I only have the option of “deleting” the event, not “canceling”. I am the organizer, and others have accepted the event since I created it.

unable to cancel teams meeting

When I try to edit the event it says that I haven’t sent it yet, but I have because people have accepted it, and we’ve used this recurring event before. The behavior is same using teams web version and outlook web app.

Microsoft Teams has specific rules regarding meeting cancellations, especially when it comes to co-organizers. Here’s what we need to know:

Meeting Organizer Privilege:
Only the meeting organizer—the person who initially sends the meeting request—has the ability to send meeting updates or cancel the meeting for all attendees.
If you’re not the meeting organizer, you won’t be able to edit the meeting details directly.

Co-Organizer Limitations:
As a co-organizer, you share most of the organizer’s permissions, but cancellation authority isn’t one of them.
If you need to remove all future meetings in a series from your calendar, you’ll have to delete the entire meeting series.

Scenario Consideration:
Imagine a situation where the original organizer is unavailable, and a meeting needs to be canceled. Unfortunately, co-organizers cannot perform this action. It’s understandable that this limitation can be surprising and disappointing, especially when you expect co-organizers to have cancellation rights.

However, this is not the scenario I am having. I am the organizer and yet do not have the ability to cancel a meeting.

I doubt the meeting invite got corrupted since other invites look fine. Therefore, I decided to delete it and create a fresh one, which resolved the issue.

My admin informed me that if this issue occurs with multiple invites in a mailbox, it would be worth moving the user mailbox to another database to verify its status.

To move the database:

Launch Exchange Management Shell if the mailbox is in on-premises. Access Exchange Online PowerShell if the mailbox is hosted in cloud and execute the command.

New-MoveRequest -Identity “UserEmailAddressHere”

To check the move request status:

Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity “UserEmailAddressHere”

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In conclusion, navigating the issue of unable to cancel Teams meetings can be vexing, especially for organizers. Understanding Teams’ meeting management intricacies is key. Through proactive troubleshooting and admin support, overcoming these obstacles is possible, ensuring seamless collaboration in your Teams environment.

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