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[SOLVED] Microsoft Teams – We Couldn’t Find What You’re Looking For

It’s a hybrid environment and Microsoft teams appears to sync fine. However, one of my users had an issue when he joins teams meeting on the desktop app. When he joins the meeting, he gets an error message that sorry, we couldn’t find what you’re looking for.

we couldn't find what you're looking for
  • Is it possible the meeting invite moved, renamed or deleted? I have verified the invite is available on the user calendar and no changes have been done. However, other participants of the same invite able to join without any errors.
  • The Microsoft teams desktop cache has been cleared and changed network and checked that if the issue is with specific network side issue. Because some time due to network connection issue in machine, we cannot connect or join into team but no luck.
  • To isolate the problem further, join a teams meeting on the web client and can be done with any web browsers and does not require a software download. Joining on the web is useful if you have any problems with the Microsoft Teams application on the computer you are using.
  • Microsoft Teams Meetings can be joined on the web by clicking a meeting link in an email invitation or event in your Outlook calendar.

Use the following procedure to join a Teams meeting on the web with a meeting link:

  • If you accepted the meeting invitation in Outlook, you can open the meeting event in Outlook’s calendar instead. To access the calendar in outlook, press the Calendar button in the lower-left corner of Outlook. Double-click the meeting event in your calendar to open it and view the invitation message.
  • Locate the meeting invitation and open the message. In the description field, there is a Click here to join the meeting link. Right click on the link, then select Copy Link.
  • When we copy the meeting link and paste it on Microsoft Edge browser and join the meeting on desktop app, get the same error. However, no error has occurred with Google Chrome.
  • Once selected the method of entry and given the website permission to use your camera and microphone, you will be taken to a page where you can configure your audio and video settings and preview your video before joining the meeting. Type your name in the “Enter name” field located inside of the video preview window.
  • In my opinion, it’s very strange as the issue has only recently started happening and doesn’t happen on Microsoft Edge in the past. It makes sense that something amiss between Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Teams because the issue no longer occurs with Google Chrome browser.
  • When you click join meeting on Microsoft teams desktop app, it will perform validation at the backend using a web browser. If a default web browser is currently selected for Microsoft Edge, then there are changes to get the “we couldn’t find what you’re looking for” error.
  • It will certainly take time to copy the link and paste it on web browsers each time to join a teams meeting. A easy fix is to change the default browser from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome so that you will not encounter such issues.

To change the default apps, visit Microsoft website.

That’s how you can fix the we couldn’t find what you’re looking for error on Microsoft teams.

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