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[SOLVED] Your Sign-In Was Blocked. We’ve Detected Something Unusual Activity (2023)

Today I’m going to show you on how to solve your sign-in was blocked in Microsoft teams app. I saw the error message recently where one of my users was trying to access a channel on Teams that had been sent by a client but unfortunately, the user received the sign-in attempt was blocked error.

Your sign-in was blocked. We've detected something unusual activity

The user was able to access internal channels and other services without any issues but for some reason, the error (Your sign-in was blocked and we’ve detected something unusual activity) message got triggered when she was trying to access an external channel.

It’s quite difficult for me to resolve this issue since the error is new to me. I couldn’t find appropriate steps to get rid of the error. I thought to enable the multi-factor authentication on the affected user account because of the error code reported in the Azure portal.

If you have an error code (for example, 53004), you can use this link to understand the reason for the failure.

microsoft 365 teams

I wanted to try something else instead of enabling MFA on the user account. I looked at risky users in Azure portal to check the user account status because they handle sign-in activities so it may be related to the issue.

  • Go to “Azure Active Directory”
  • Select “Security”
  • Select “Risky users”
  • Select the affected user
  • select Dismiss user(s) risk

There was an old unaddressed risky sign-in event listed for the user account and once I dismissed it, the sign-in attempt error disappeared. The MFA registration isn’t done.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

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