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How To Solve Shared Mailbox Showing As Mail User (2023)

Wanting to know on how to solve shared Mailbox showing as a Mail User? You are in the right place.

Recently, I created a shared mailbox in a Hybrid environment but for some reason, it appeared as a Mail User in Exchange Admin Center instead of the shared mailbox. I waited for a couple of syncs but no luck. After some struggles, I was able to fix the problem and wanted to share the same in this post.

A Shared Mailbox is an outlook mailbox very much like a user mailbox, however, it is shared by several different people. This is great for a company to manage a load of customer inquires and to handle project queries. When an email sent from a shared mailbox, the from address appears as a shared mailbox email address. Similarly, a separate calendar is available to shared mailbox members to manage meetings.

A shared mailbox can’t be accessed by members without permission and it doesn’t have a password to access them so users should seek help from admins to provide the necessary permission to access a mailbox. Once this is done, you can then access the mailbox in via browser or outlook.

Let’s talk about how to solve shared mailbox showing as mail user. The first thing you have to do is check the recipienttypedetails of the shared mailbox in on-premise. To do this,

  • Launch “Exchange On-Premises PowerShell
  • Type “Get-RemoteMailbox emailaddress
Shared Mailbox showing as Mail user
  • Make sure the shared mailbox recipient type details should reflect as a Remote Shared Mailbox.
  • Now, check the affected account recipient type details in Microsoft 365.
  • To check, connect to Exchange Online PowerShell -> Type the command.
    Get-Recipient “emailaddress” | fl recipientt*
microsoft outlook 365
  • As you can see, the mailbox shows as a MailUser in Exchange online but not as a SharedMailbox.

In order to fix the error, assign the Exchange Online license to the affected mailbox so that the mail user object will become as a user mailbox in Microsoft 365. Yes, our end goal is to have the shared mailbox but we are going to do something to achieve the goal.
Note: You will get an error while issuing the license if there any email address conflicts with other objects.

If you get any conflicts error, follow the below steps.

outlook office 365
  • Type the display name of the affected account in the search field to find conflicts accounts.
  • Make necessary changes of conflicting accounts in on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Once changes have done, allow for a few hours to replicate.

After assigning the Exchange Online license to the shared mailbox, allow for a few minutes and check the status in cloud.

microsoft office 365

Great, it shows as a user mailbox. We will now convert the user mailbox to the shared mailbox.

How to convert a user mailbox to shared mailbox?

There are a couple of options to convert the user mailbox to the shared mailbox. The first option is using the portal and the second option is obviously PowerShell.

  • Go to “Exchange Admin Center
  • In the left navigation, select “Recipients” and select “Mailboxes
  • Search a mailbox and open it.
  • Now, click “Others” and click “Convert to shared mailbox“.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-22.png

We can also use the PowerShell to convert the mailbox.

Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell and execute the below command. You should be good to go.
Set-mailbox “Enter the shared mailbox name or email address” -Type Shared

Let’s check the status of the mailbox. Your guess is correct. The account started showing as the shared mailbox.

Shared Mailbox showing as Mail user

The Exchange Online license is no longer required to the shared mailbox so we can remove them to save some money. You will have 50 GB of quota for shared mailboxes which is free. Make sure you give the necessary permission to users of the shared mailbox so that the mailbox access will work. Otherwise, users will disturb you again.

This strategies help you how to solve shared mailbox showing as mail user.

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Now I’d like to hear from you:

Did I miss anything? Maybe you have a question about something that I covered.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you. So go ahead and leave a comment below.

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    • techieberry

      Thank you for the question. You can use the below command.
      Add-MailboxPermission -Identity “Shared Mailbox Name” -User “User Name” -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All -AutoMapping $false

  3. Marko

    I have a few dilemmas.
    What will happen on the client side after the conversion?
    Is there any special intervention needed or will only some status change automatically?
    When you add a user mailbox you enter the user login details, which are no longer required for a shared mailbox.
    Is it necessary to delete the account from Outlook before the conversion and add it later under “Additional options -> Open these additional mailboxes”?

    • techieberry

      Thank you for the question. If the user not added the mailbox before, then add the mailbox on outlook after the conversion. If they added before the conversion, then they can access the mailbox automatically after the mailbox appears ok.

  4. Craig

    I have some users that were furloughed in March 2020. We have local AD that we Sync with 365.
    For a short while we kept the mailbox as a Shared. Then eventually after 6 months, we moved them to Disabled Users, and their account disappeared and license recovered.
    Now some of those people are being rehired. I move them out of Disabled Users, Sync. Add license.
    But they are created as MailUser under Contacts in Exchange instead of a Mailbox. I can’t change anything in Powershell since we sync (really push) and AD is master. Any ideas how to get the new mailbox to be created? Right now I have to DELETE the user in AD. Sync. Then create a new user, Sync, Assign License, etc.

    • techieberry

      Kindly try the below steps and see how it goes.
      Go to “Active Directory Administrative Center“
      Select “Global Search“
      Search the affected user account
      Click “Properties” on the right
      Select “Extensions” on the left
      Select “Attribute Editor“
      Select “msExchMailboxGuid“
      Select “Clear“
      Once done, wait for this changes to sync.
      After synced, remove Exchange online license and wait for 15 minutes and add back the license and wait for a few minutes to check.

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