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How To Schedule Teams Meeting From Shared Mailbox?

I have got a pretty cool post today that show you on how to schedule teams meeting from shared mailbox. A shared mailbox has a shared calendar to keep track of important events, activities, appointments, vacations and you do more within the shared calendar. When you go to create teams meeting on a shared mailbox, does it include dial-in details, such as conference ID and dial-in number? Probably the answer is no as per this article.

I spent some time to check the behavior with a couple of shared mailboxes in a Hybrid environment and results appeared to be negative on outlook and OWA. But, I didn’t give up and tried something else. After some efforts, I was able to schedule teams meeting on a shared mailbox.

Are you interested in knowing what the fix I applied? Keep reading. I initially added the mailbox using the first option but no dial-in details were visible for some reason.

Option 1:

  • In Outlook click on “File
  • Select “Account Settings” -> Account Settings
  • Under the Email tab click on Change, then More Settings
  • go to “Advanced
  • Click “Add
  • Click OK
  • Click Apply and OK to complete adding the shared mailbox.
  • If you have more than 1 you can add the rest at the same time. Apply and OK to complete adding the shared mailbox(s).
  • Access to the shared mailbox will be resumed and you will now be able to “Send As” the shared mailbox without getting a non-delivery failure.

I have then decided to add a shared mailbox using the add account method which is the second option and it worked.

Option 2:

  • From Outlook 2013 and higher, click on File -> Click “Add account
  • At the ‘Add Account’ screen, it will ask you to enter an email address or name, type in the email address of the shared mailbox
  • Click “Connect
  • You will be prompted to enter the password
  • Replace the shared mailbox email address on the sign-in page your email address and your password.
  • Click “Sign-in” and wait for 5-10 minutes
  • Close the outlook and launch it again
  • The mailbox will appear on the left side on outlook.

After added the mailbox, wait for some time to update calendars, emails and folders and check the issue and dial-in information started showing.

I would like to inform you that when users access the shared mailbox in via online outlook, they will not get an option to view the dial-in information as it’s visible only on outlook.

What if the above steps do not work?

That’s a great question. A user who wishes to schedule a Teams meeting on a shared mailbox should have the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing license. They get an error if they don’t have these licenses so make sure it’s issued.

Limits and Specifications for Microsoft Teams

There are some limitations on Microsoft Teams which is good to know. I have listed them below.

FeatureMaximum limit
Teams and Channels
Number of teams a user can createSubject to a 250-object limit
Number of members in a team5,000
Number of members in an org-wide team5,000
Number of teams a global admin can create500,000
Number of teams an Office 365 tenant can have500,000
Number of channels per team200 (includes deleted channels)
Meetings and calls
Number of people in a meeting250
Number of people in a private chat50
Storage (SharePoint)
Storage1 TB per organization plus 10 GB per license purchased
Storage for Teams FilesUp to 25 TB per site collection or group
File upload limit15 GB
Message size limit25 KB
File attachments limit10 KB
Inline images limit50 KB

Congratulations! You have learnt on how to schedule teams meeting from the shared mailbox and also learnt about it’s limitations on Microsoft Teams.

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Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which finding from today’s report did you find most interesting? Or maybe you have a question about something that I covered.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you. So go ahead and leave a comment below.

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  1. Davina Moffat

    Thank you so much for this. I was going crazy trying to figure out how to download this. Your explanation was very clear and easy to follow. 🙂

  2. Tony

    The Meeting Options in the Calendar invite does not work for shared mailboxes that were created before Teams implementation. Any idea how to link these shared mailboxes into TAC to make the Meeting Options work?

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