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[SOLVED] Fixing Incorrect Time On Microsoft Teams: 2024 Guide

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head over the incorrect time on Microsoft Teams, I’ve got some friendly tips to help you sort it out.

So, picture this: A user in Microsoft Teams experiencing a quirky issue where meeting times and chat conversations are playing a time-travel game of their own. No worries, we’re here to fix it!

Now, Teams syncs up with your computer time, and there’s no nifty option in the app to tweak the time zone manually. But what if your computer time and Teams time are playing hide-and-seek? That’s what I stumbled upon recently.

incorrect time on Microsoft teams

The system time shouts “6:15 PM EST,” but Teams insists on living in the past with “5:15 PM EST.” Maybe Daylight Saving Time threw a curveball, but nope, that was already turned on.

teams time zone wrong

The good news? The web version of Teams was playing it cool, no time glitches there. So, I put on my detective hat and thought, “User’s machine or office app, you’re up to something new.” Tried rebuilding the office app, but no dice.

Next on the checklist: updated Teams desktop client and a cache cleanse (you know, the digital equivalent of a spa day). Just to spice things up, I switched my system time zone to IST. Drumroll, please!

Microsoft teams wrong time zone

Closed Teams, reopened, and voila! The time was on its best behavior. Intrigued, I turned the time zone back to EST.

teams wrong time zone

Guess what? Still behaved!

The initial time glitch may remain a mystery, but these steps have successfully kicked it to the curb. Bid farewell to incorrect time on Microsoft Teams and enjoy seamless collaboration with accurate time settings.

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Now, over to you! Have you encountered the frustrating problem of incorrect time on Microsoft Teams? Share your experiences and thoughts about today’s time-travel saga in the comments below. What aspects caught your eye, and do you have any burning questions? Let’s keep the conversation going—I’m all ears! Drop a comment, and let’s make this a collaborative space for problem-solving and sharing insights.

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  1. Gerry Cata

    This continues to occur periodically and the only way I can get the time to display correctly in Teams is to sign out and sign back in. The system clock and the daylight savings settings are all correct. It is annoying.

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