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[SOLVED] Incorrect Time On Microsoft Teams App

The strategies in this post help you to solve the incorrect time issue on Microsoft teams.

I handled an interesting issue in Microsoft Teams where Teams meetings and chat had incorrect time. As you might aware, there is no option on Teams to modify the time zone as it takes system time. For some reason, the time set on a system and Microsoft Teams are not the same. Ref screenshot below.

Incorrect time on Microsoft Teams

The system time is correct (12:29 AM EST) but Teams had the incorrect time (1:29 AM EST). Yes, I looked at the DST (Daylight Saving Time) settings and it was already enabled.

Fortunately, the issue did not occur in the web version.

This gave me some confidence that the issue related to the user machine or office application. Since the problem new to me, I was decided to rebuild the office application but no luck.

I ensured that Teams desktop client is updated to the latest version and cleared cache using the steps mentioned here

I wanted to see how time shows when I switch to a different time zone so I decided to change into IST because they don’t have DST.

After changed the time, closed Teams desktop client and launched again and the time appeared ok.

Since the IST works ok, I was decided to change the time zone to EST to check the behavior.

Again, closed Teams desktop client and launched again and correct time started appearing.

Incorrect time on Microsoft Teams

Honestly, I don’t have any idea why the incorrect time on Microsoft Teams initially appeared but after followed these steps, the issue is no longer occurring.

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